How to ensure the safety of portable EV charger?

 How to ensure the safety of portable EV charger?

1. Safety issues are a key consideration in the design process of the EV charging charger. The charger should have protection devices such as over- and under-voltage protection, lightning protection, output short-circuit protection, leakage protection and over-current protection, and a leakage protector inside. If there is a leakage during standby or charging, it will trip in time to protect the user's personal safety. The appearance design of the EV charger should have necessary operating specifications and warning signs to remind users of safe operation.

2. The design of the charger not only requires the core technical support in the control box, but also requires reliable material support. The materials must be flame retardant, environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, weather-resistant, impact-resistant, highly oil-resistant, UV-resistant, high and low-temperature resistant, etc. The shell material of the portable EV charger needs to have good high and low temperature resistance to ensure that the charging gun can be used normally in most areas of the country and under various climate conditions. The material needs to have a high tracking index to prevent leakage and adopt a safe insulation design. Before being put into production and use, it must be continuously tested and all properties must be qualified before it can be put into use to ensure the personal safety of users.

3. At the same time, the design of the EV charger must also take into account the impact of environmental factors. The environment in which the charger is used may involve light, wind and rain, gasoline contact, fire danger, severe cold, etc. Protective measures such as professional three-proof design and anti-corrosion design are required to improve the environmental reliability of the product and ensure the durability of the equipment. Only by maintaining service life and maintaining good performance under these conditions can the safety of the charger be ensured.

4. The design of the portable EV charger also needs to take into account detailed safety issues. For example, the appearance design of the charger should have necessary operating specifications and warning signs to remind users of safe operation. The handle design of the charging gun should be in line with ergonomics. The surface texture design should improve friction and prevent slippery hands from falling. It should also make the product feel comfortable when taking it out, with an excellent hand grip and easy operation.

In daily life, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the EV charger, users should also pay attention to the following points:.

Please read the instruction manual carefully before use and use the charger correctly according to the instructions. .

5.When using the EV car charger, be sure to choose a professional socket to ensure that the current specifications can meet the rated current requirements.

Avoid using the charger in rain, snow, high temperature or extreme cold environments to avoid affecting its performance and safety.

If you find any abnormality or damage to the EV charger, please stop using it immediately and contact after-sales service in time.