The composition of EV charging plug

 The composition of EV charging plug

The  EV charging plug is a device that connects the power supply to the battery when charging an electric vehicle. Its main components include:

1. Plug: used to connect input and output cables, responsible for transmitting electrical energy. There are terminals in the plug.

2. Insulated handle: used to hold the handle of the charging gun to protect fingers from the risk of electric shock.

3. Locking mechanism: Fix the charging gun on the electric vehicle battery charging interface.

4. Cable: A wire used to transmit electrical energy and a sheath to protect the wire.

5. Safety device: prevent overload and short circuit to ensure safety.

8. Control circuit: Processes the power input, output and electric vehicle battery signals, and controls the charging process.

9. Shell: Protects the internal components of the charging gun from being exposed to the external environment.