How to maintain the battery of electric vehicle?

2023/8/13 22:57:16

How to maintain the battery of electric vehicle?

1. Reasonably arrange charging

We need charge the car before all electricity is used up, and do not overcharge or undercharge. For ternary lithium batteries, it is best to charge and discharge them as shallow as possible, keeping the battery level between 15% -90%; Lifepo4 batteries should be fully charged once a week to maintain the battery level between 20% -94%. Try to ensure timely charging after using the vehicle to avoid vehicle breakdown due to low battery level.

2. Do not turn on the air conditioning in the car during charging

When charging, do not turn on the air conditioning. Turning on the air conditioner will increase the battery charge load and reduce the battery lifespan.

3. Do not charge immediately after high temperature exposure

If the vehicle undergoes prolonged exposure to high temperatures and is immediately charged, it may accelerate the aging and damage of the internal wiring, which may cause a fire. It is best to leave the vehicle stationary for a period of time to allow the power battery to fully dissipate heat before charging.


4. In winter,ensure the EV plug is dry and clean to prevent rain, snow, and rainwater from flowing into the EV socket or EV plug and causing vehicle malfunctions. In low-temperature environments, the performance of power batteries will be affected and the charging time will be extended.

The lower temperatures in winter can reduce the driving range of electric vehicles. The power battery serves as an energy storage medium, and charging and discharging are a chemical reaction process that is affected by temperature. In low-temperature environments, the activity of power battery electrode materials decreases, electrochemical reactions slow down, discharge current decreases, and available capacity decreases, resulting in a "shortened" range. In addition, new energy vehicles ensure air conditioning and heating by consuming power batteries, so an increase in heating energy consumption will also lead to a reduction in range. However, don't worry too much. When the temperature returns to normal temperature, the storage capacity of the power battery and the vehicle's range will also return to normal.