BYD's delivery is beyond 100,000 vehicles in March

2022/4/5 18:50:55

BYD's March sales broke the 100,000 mark in March,2022 ,and announced the discontinuation of pure fuel vehicles. 

BYD passenger car sales exceeded 100,000 in March,2022. The output of new energy vehicles in March was 106,658 vehicles. The whole series sold 104,338 vehicles, including 53,664 battery electric models and 50,674 DM plug-in hybrid models.

BYD Han sold 12,359 units in March, BYD Tang sold 9,625 units in March, BYD Song sold 26,729 units in March, BYD Qin sold 24,797 units, BYD Yuan 12,881 units, and BYD Dolphin 10,501 units. 

In addition, BYD announced on April 3rd that it will stop the production of pure fuel vehicles, completely embrace new energy vehicles, and take a low-carbon and environmentally friendly route.