Li Auto finally launched its second model the L9

2022/3/19 21:45:47

Li Auto had the only model Li Auto ONE, and now it has finally launched the second model Li Auto L9,  as a family smart flagship SUV, which will debut at the upcoming 2022 Beijing Auto Show (April 21st- 30th). Price range: 450,000-500,000 RMB.

 li auto l9.jpg

Li Auto delivered 8,414 electric vehicles in February this year, Cumulative historical deliveries were 144,770. It is believed that with the launch of new models, its sales will be even higher.


Ideal official revealed:


(1) Flagship audio system

7.3.4 The panoramic sound layout consists of 7 sets of speakers to form the whole car surround, 3 subwoofers to form the bass matrix, and 4 top speakers to form the sky surround. Using Dolby Atmos technology and equipped with a 4D immersive audio and video system, it creates an immersive audio-visual experience in the car.



(2) Flagship seat configuration

The 6 seats in the whole car are equipped with electric adjustment and seat heating. The 4 independent seats in the front two rows have seat ventilation and SPA-level massage.



(3) Super powerful computing platform

L9's home smart cockpit is equipped with two Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chips as standard, with a computing platform composed of 24GB of memory and 256GB of high-speed storage, providing powerful computing power for AI, software and entertainment. Support the switching of dual 5G operators to ensure the real-time online connection of high-speed networks.


(4) 5-screen interaction

L9's innovative 5-screen interactive mode elevates the audio-visual and entertainment experience of smart cars to a whole new level.