NIO recently announced that it will enter the Norway electric car market

2021/5/11 21:36:26

NIO recently announced that it will enter the Norwegian electric car market

NIO recently announced that it will enter the Norwegian electric car market, and Norway will be NIO's first stop in the sea. Although the US market has been considered before, it is estimated that after seeing Huawei's experience, the plan to enter the United States has been temporarily withdrawn. In the third quarter of 2021, NIO will open its first store showroom in Oslo, the capital of Norway, and 4 more showrooms in 2022. The ES8 pure electric SUV is the first to enter the Norwegian market and is expected to be delivered around September this year. Immediately after 2022, the newly launched pure electric sedan ET7 will also appear in Norway, and more models will enter Norway in the future. The Norwegian market is the beginning of opening up the European market, and the export of NIO is a direct way.

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Li Bin said: "The difference is that we all use direct sales methods, from NIO House, NIO Space, power station swaps to other facilities. Maybe other companies seek cooperation from distributors overseas. The initial stage will be faster, and each has its own characteristics. Advantages and disadvantages. From a deep level, NIO¡¯s attitude and strategy towards the Norwegian market and the Chinese market have not changed substantially. How we do it in China, we will adopt the same approach in different countries¡¯ markets in the future, but will follow Local market regulations, public sentiments and cultural influences will be revised to some extent."

Norway is a paradise for new energy vehicles. As of the end of March 2021, the share of pure electric vehicles has reached 57% (if hybrid vehicles are included, the share will exceed 75%), surpassing gasoline vehicles, and Norway will ban them in 2025. Sell fuel vehicles. Norway is currently the country with the highest penetration rate of electric vehicles in the world. Norway is rich in water resources, mainly relying on hydropower, which accounts for 95% of the total energy. It seems that the development of electric vehicles has a lot to do with the country's energy structure. The Norwegian government strongly supports electric vehicles, reducing or exempting electric vehicle purchase taxes, import duties, and sales taxes. These are all conducive to the export of electric vehicles. In addition, the charging of cars in Norway is more convenient. A lot of charging piles have been built, and they are still being improved.

Finally, thanks to the cold weather, Norway can also provide a severe temperature extreme test ground for electric vehicles and batteries.